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2-3 hairs growing out of one follicle?

Hi Dr. Rockoff,
Hopefully you can put my mind at ease, as I'm getting rather paranoid, and anxiety is setting in.
I'll give you my history.  I'm a 29 year old, healthy, active male.  About 6 months ago (January) I started to notice that my body hair was getting denser, especially on my arms and legs.  Most of the hair measured 1" to 1.5".  I know that men tend to get hairier as they get older, so I didn't think much about it.  But then came a sudden increase in my knuckle and toe hair, as well as my mid-digital hair.  Everything seemed to be changing at once.  My beard is definitely thicker/tougher than it was before.  I need to shave every other day.  My body hair has seemed to get "shaggy," it seems to not be as soft and lay down has it did before.  The most unsettling thing about this, though, is that most of the follicles on my arms, chest, and legs have 2 or 3 visible hairs growing from them.  Some do produce only 1.  

As I continued to freak myself out, I finally went to my Primary care physician.  He said this type of hair growth was a typical change in adult men.  Just for piece of mind, I had my thryoid and testosterone levels checked.  Of course, they came back perfectly normal!  The only thing that I can think of that might have altered those results was the fact that I wasn't in a fasted state.

I guess my question is simple...have you ever seen anything like this, 2-3 hairs growing from one follicle on the limbs of the body?  I read that hairs on the scalp tend to do this?  A Dr. in the general forum suggested "pili multigemini" as a cause, but I've never seen more than three hairs in a follicle.  The hairs aren't clumped together.  Wouldn't that condition be very noticeable?  Is this all just genetics?

Please help.  I'm beginning to feel like a little bit of a freak.
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I don't recognize any diseases in your description, freakish or otherwise.  I think you are looking at your body too closely.  Please see a skin doctor in person for a full evaluation and proper diagnosis.


Dr. Rockoff
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