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2 yr Hairloss in 23 yr Old Female

About 2 years ago (when I was 23)  I went to a hair salon, had my hair colored incorrectly, to fix this the colorist applied  2 different coloring treatments which were excruciating and made my scalp burn. Within the week I noticed that my hair started falling out more than normal. I went to my doctor and asked to check for vitamin/mineral efficiencies to make sure it wasn't the cause of my hair loss. All the tests came back fine and she told me that it was probably stress related (I was not stressed). The hair loss did not stop, even though I started to take supplements (Biotin, Folic Acid, B6, zinc,  hair supplements..etc).

So I went to a dermatologist, who gave me some shampoos that were supposed to help stop hair loss. instead the shampoos made my hair loss worse and gave me dandruff. I started experiencing severe burning sensation on my scalp. It felt like someone is pouring acid on it. It even felt painful to move my hair in any direction. It was so excruciating I ended up in the urgent care twice. They ran a bunch of thyroid and hormonal tests which came back fine.

I was referred to a different dermatologist, who gave me DOXEPIN for the burning pain (It did not work  for me) and told me to use head & shoulders shampoo  and salicylic acid shampoo  and Ketokenazole 2% for the dandruff  and  that they did not know what was wrong with me. All these shampoos just made my hair fall out more and gave me more dandruff.

So yet again I went to a different dermatologist, who said that I was experiencing the hair loss because of the dandruff/seborrhea. Which does not make sense, since I was experiencing hair loss 1 year prior to when the dandruff started (due to use of prescribed shampoos). So he gave me CLOBEX to use for the dandruff. It made my hair loss even more SEVERE and made the dandruff worse.

After finishing the Clobex treatment (which did not help) I went off all prescription shampoos and started using all natural Neem shampoo which got rid of the dandruff. But the hair continued to fall.

I went back to my regular doctor to get hormones, thyroid, allergies, vitamins and everything else tested and it all came back fine, except a copper and zinc deficiency.  So I went on copper and zinc supplements and started incorporating copper and zinc heavy foods in my diet ( oysters, nuts…etc). Still this did not help.

So after 2 years my hair is still falling out, I am 25 yrs old now, there is no family history of hair loss or baldness, all my grandparents, parents and relatives have a full head of hair. I used to have very thick long hair, I’ve lost about 80% in thickness of my hair. I have short hairs all over my head (new growth is falling out too). There is no noticeable thinning close to the scalp, but my once thick ponytail is very thin. In these two years I have not used any styling, coloring, or heating tools on my hair. My scalp looks pretty healthy there are no rashes or redness or burning anymore. The hair loss is more severe after I was my hair, the hair falls out more after I wash (653 hairs, I counted) . I have tried all kinds of remedies to no avail. I’m not under any stress, so what is going on?

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A trichogram may be indicated in your case to evaluate what type of hair is lost.But if you ask me I would recommend you a course of iron despite a normal haemoglobin.Reason is that sometimes stored iron in the form of myoglobin etc may be deficient leading to subclinical iron deficiency and consequent hairloss.
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Hi there, I am amazed to find someone else that can understand what I have been through and would love to talk to you more about what has happened to you as the exact same thing has happened to me.  It has been three years now since it happened to me after a colour (half head of foils), the only difference being that the hairdresser put me under a colour master or steamer.  It was 5 hours later that my head started burning and stinging, the exact same symptoms as you.  I have been battling with this ever since, with hair loss and pain. Would be great if we could talk some more, I live in Nelson, New Zealand and would be happy to give contact number if needed.
Look forward to talking.
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