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7 year old with pityriasis rosea and ongoing fever

My child had what I assumed was ringworm, as a random large spot on the back of her thigh, she was also sick at the time with ongoing high fevers, chills, headaches, aches and pains and exhaustion and crying. We didn't link the two. After a few days of this I did a urine dip test which came back positive for blood, leukocytes and protein, so i spoke to doctor we all assumed asymptomatic UTI and got trimethroprim. 4 days of taking that, and 8 days after the fevers started, she isn't any better, fevers hitting 39c (102.2f) every day, and hard to control with normal child meds. And today new spots appeared, sort of oval and pinkish coloured on her torso and back and arms. I read up and realised that the initial large spot was probably a herald spot and this looked exactly like pityriasis rosea. is this causing the fevers and aches? And if so, when will it stop? And is the dip tests on the urine just a weird coincidence on the side? Does she have both? or is the pityriasis rosea a symptom of something else happening? prior to the fevers, she also had a bad virus, cold/flu symptoms, with a blocked nose, cough etc. Normal childhood stuff.

She's always been quite healthy, never needed antibiotics prior to this, so I'm pretty worried. The culture for the urine will be back in a couple of days.
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I don't think in your situation I would just stay home and look on the Internet. It sounds like it's getting worse. Can you get her to the doctor, either in person or via Zoom call? Has your daughter had her measles shots? Is there possibility of a spider or tick bite? Have you sent a photo of what the spots look like to her doctor?
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ps -- There is also nothing wrong with mentioning how much you think this resembles the descriptions of pityriasis rosea. But you're so much better off having the doctor confirm.
She has seen a doctor. She saw an emergency gp on Sunday, and got antibiotics,  she  briefly saw a doctor yesterday before we saw the spots, and is having a urinalysis and culture. And am waiting to see a doctor again, but getting in to actually SEE a GP for a proper appointment at the moment is impossible, they are all phone appointments,  if you are lucky. Hence why I was asking here. I wanted to know if it were pityriasis rosea, how long the fever would last. And what to expect while waiting to finally see a GP for a proper face to face appointment.  

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