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7 year old with skin tags, whiteheads

My daughter, now 7 (47" and about 44#), had baby acne worse than my others when she was an infant.  In the past year has developed a couple of skin tags, and today I noticed several whiteheads across her cheek.  This seems odd to me in a child her age.  Her skin is very fair and freckled.  Her cheeks are usually pink. Skin tags run in my family, but I haven't seen them on anyone younger than 30 except for her.  

Can these be indicators of another health problem?  Should I be concerned?

She was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease this year, but has had little need for her inhaler once she was past the original inflammation that resulted in the diagnosis.  Would this be related?

Thank you!
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The respiratory problem and the skin tags sound like separate complaints. However, I suggest that it is best to have your child thoroughly assessed for the skin tags.This may  have a familial ( genetic ) cause and there seems to be no cause of alarm here since skin tags are really benign .But for a child ,it is best to have her seen by a dematologist more so to allay your worries and to have a baseline examination done.

Just keep your child from touching the skin tags as this may irritate them.

Keep us posted for anything.
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Thank you!  She doesn't bother the tags, I don't think she's even that aware of them, although she may have mentioned one once.  There is one high up on her chest that is noticeable to me, but she probably never sees it.  I don't draw her attention to it!  :)
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