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A large rash above the wrist surrounded by small white bumps

(this is the 1st time in 4 days I'm able to post a question directly, so please ignore my comment to Mossy's question on 6/12)

I have a large rash that developed on the outside of my hand just above the wrist.  It grew to 3x3 cm in 5 days and has been the same for the last couple of days.  The rash began after I scratched 2 bumps that looked like mosquito bites, and caused some whitish substance to come out followed by some blood.  Almost immediately the area turned bright red and more white bumps started to appear.  The rash became very itchy.  Over the next few days the color changed from bright red to dark red, and the area now almost looks like a burn except for the surrounding bumps.  The rash has a hard surface, and the bumps feel sticky.

I am not on any medication, nor have I had any changes in diet.  The rash size varies somewhat during the day, increasing after skin contact with clothing.  It feels more inflamed in the morning.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I'm not sure, Linta.  It may be a patch of eczema, or it may be a superficial skin infection (less likely.)  Whatever, I think this is the sort of condition which needs to be examined by a doctor or dermatologist.  My advice to you is to consult one.

Sorry I can't be more specific.


Dr. Rockoff
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