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A red flat smooth painless patch beneath tip of penis?

Hello I am a 20 year old black male. Brownskin to be specific, and notice a red flat smooth odd but normal feeling patch just beneath the head of my penis and I am circumcised. It isn't painful, itching or irritating and not burning either. I could see it better in the light also. When I pull skin on that area flat it disappears but can still kinda feel it. I wouldn't even know it was there if I never looked at it Cause it feels close to the normal texture of everything else. I believe a week prior when I first seen it, it has a white patch but when I wet licked my finger and touched it the patch disappeared. Keep in mind I never had sex or sexual contact with anything except for maybe a few male sex toys which I hear cannot transmit a STD. That being said, what is this? Also it is just one patch, no other spreads throughout my body. Just that one patch on my penis or red flat smooth circle...and I have masturbated A lot and used some toys but were brand new.
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It's likely just an irritation of some type- from heat or friction, maybe clothing rubbing up against you even.  Make sure you keep clean, wear lose fitting clothing, and you can try some jock itch cream over the counter to see if that seems to helps.  

If you don't see improvement, you can visit your doctor to just verify what it is and see if they have some options for treatment.  
I see but now things have changed. The patch has become flaky white again and now it is more defined and I can feel  it plus see it better.  The patch is still smooth but more rough, when ever I wet this flaky spot or rub it off it becomes a shiny red that is more smooth and slightly irritated then it turns back into a patch that flakes up white back again. Any idea what it could be exactly?
Only a doctor that sees you in person and can gather more of your medical history can tell you for sure what it is- have you tried any of the jock itch cream?
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