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A very bad & embarassing smell

ive been having this terrible smell on my body since october of last year, it kinda smells similar to dead flesh plus my skin oozes with this smell & its been making me weirdly sweat when its not normal sweat & the smell and feeling gets worse when im in the bathtub. its even made my hair badly greasy & smell bad as well on my skin ive tried to use my dial gold soap & my tresemme & the smell is still there & usually i can smell my dial gold soap & my shampoo normally (up until february this year when i started to realize the smell then it got worse in may or june). i had a couple of ppl give me mildewed molded furniture (the first time was in october last year, second time was february this year) along with a water heater that broke & flooded my apartment  in june this year, so im worried that is what is causing it. is there any natural remedy that can get rid of this. also this infection is causing my eyes to be bloodshot & goopy feeling and my bones feel like theyre on fire and i can taste & smell this infection. what medicines can i use to get rid of this. its been making me terribly upset cause ive never gotten sick like this. also it seems to dampen my house shoes with a gross greyish & blackish residue. plus its been making my breast milk have a greyish & blackish color as well but this is really upsetting me & i want to get it fixed.
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It sounds as though you have a full blown systemic fungal infection.  This usually requires a two week course of anti-fungal fungal medication from you doctor. In addition to going to your medical provider to get this done, I recommend that you watch your diet to help knock it out and keep it from coming back.
Here is a basic guideline:

    Diet: avoid sugar, wheat, and dairy, as well as fermented foods, and alcohol.
    Probiotics (good bacteria): the best ones are acidophilus and bifidus. Products that guarantee 2-10 billion organisms per capsule are recommended.
    Antifungal supplements:  oil of oregano (take 2-3 capsules per day) and grapefruit seed extract (take two to three capsules per day), or take a formula that also includes caprylic acid, pau D'Arco, black walnut, beta carotene, and biotin.

Best of luck..
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Move out or renovate the house, ensure adequate ventilation, then start treatment.
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ty so much for ure answer.
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ty so much for ure answer, im forever grateful for your advice.
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