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A very desperate young man needs some serious help/advice!

Hello, I am at my wits end and am just looking for any answers or direction to help with a long term problem I suffer from

I get recurring abscesses under both armpits, sides of neck, face, arms & legs, have developed chronic psoriasis of the skin recently & my whole body constantly itches

I also have noticed a reasonably large lump in my right testicle seems to be getting bigger & causing more discomfort than usual

As thing's stand at the minute, I've been seeing my doctors/dermatologist/hospitals, for over 2 years now & am currently signed off work for 8 weeks due to severe depression as a result of the daily battle with the skin problems

I've been hospitalized 5 times for surgery when abscesses get too big & need to be drained, yet the doctors continue to push the same treatment every time (tablets) & have never got to the cause...only treated the reactions.

I really feel I've been left to hang out to dry, I am a hard worker & have 2 kids to look out for...being off work this often is not ideal in any circumstance

i need answers, how can this be stopped? how can i go above the people ive been seeing? does anyone know of anyone suffering so severe with the same condition?

Please, anything

Yours...A Desperate young man
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Any pictures, are the lesions happening where you sweat?
ask to get tested for Celiacs, and Hidranitis supprativa
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i would want to make a further note, is that i ve been researching online about people complaining about skin issue, it seems that if a doctor doesnt know what it is, its auto-diagnosis of psoriasis, and eczema.
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Yes the docs are treating me with psoriasis as my scalp literally becomes one giant scab, I have an archive of all the abscesses so as I can show to whoever I take this to...it has been left to go on for too long

will post the pics a little later
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Are the Dr's taking out the sac that hold the pus if there is one? That could be allowing some of the pus to remain and start it up again. I have heard of this condition but forget the details. Are you receiving antibiotics? It can affect different areas of the body if it spreads from the initial site. Hope that helps.
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