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Accidentally grabbed a bug trap stick part and now finger tips get incessantly dry

This was a couple months ago and hasn't got better. It's like it ripped the top layer of my skin when I removed the bug trap from my fingertips. My fingerprints are gone too which is very odd, I imagine people will think I removed them on purpose for criminal purposes even though I didn't.

It doesn't matter how much lotion or vaseline I put on them they seem to get really dry after a couple hours and it's expensive to be applying something every couple hours. Is there something I can apply that'll last all day at least? I also feel like after doing dishes especially makes them extra dry, maybe it's all the soap and water? Does applying a bandaid after applying something to keep it from getting dry help? I otherwise feel like whatever I applied will get on whatever I touch and not have the chance to soak in. But again, very expensive to be applying a bandaid every couple hours/day.
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