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Acne & Rash caused by Staph Infection

Not sure if this is the place to ask, but here it goes.

Three years ago almost to the month, I developed a rash on my forearms. Just little raised pimples that never really came to a head, but were super itchy from time to time. Especially out in the heat. I had just come off Clomid (didn't work) about a month or two before that. So I assumed perhaps it was some reaction from that. But, the rash remained. I used to suffer from dry skin on my upper arms and thought it was the same thing, just lower and itchy and red instead of normal skin colored and not itchy. I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year after that.

So, about a year ago, I was outside a lot swimming at a friends pool. I fell and scraped my knee badly, but kept it covered and treated with OTC stuff. That summer I developed bad acne on my cheeks. Small pimples, but giant clusters of them. Nothing worked to get rid of them. I assumed it was due to the suntan lotion I had been putting on my face as it was greasy, so I stopped using that and got a liquid coverup to put on my face with SPF in it. Still the pimples remained. About 6 months ago, the pimples started forming along my jawline, big cystic pimples. And about 2-3 months ago dozens of pimples that were semi large started forming around my mouth and chin. Almost daily I can wake up and have 2-3 more.

4 days ago I went to my GP and she told me based on the rash and the pimples around my mouth she thought I had a staph infection. She said it wasn't MRSA, however, she did not test me for anything. She put me on Minocycline 2x a day for the next 2-3 months. She said that might be decreased to 1x a day at some point.

When I went to see her a lot of my pimples cleared up, now 4 days later I have probably about 20 huge welts on my chin, cheeks and around my mouth, this is after being on the antibiotics for 4 days.

Here are my questions -

1) Is there a test to find out if I actually have Staph? I assume since I'm on antibiotics now it would give a false negative, but I dunno. Thats how it works with other things.

2) Is it possible that I'd have Staph for 3 years without knowing, and it not spreading to anyone else, or anywhere else on my body till now?

3) Is there anything I can put on the face "pimples" to make them heal faster?

4) I have a puppy who I've had for the last year, he licks my face all the time, has for the last year, should I be concerned he has it and will give it to others? I can't afford a vet appointment if its not needed. He seems fine.

5) Shouldn't my husband have this? After all we live together, sleep together, have sex, etc etc.

6) Is there anything I should do in my home environment to "clean" the infection from areas? Some places I hear hot water works fine on clothing, and others I hear its not ok, use bleach or other products.

I'm having a hard time finding out any info on a staph infection that is not MRSA. So anything anyone can give me will be very helpful.
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