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Acne like bumps on face, chest and legs

Hi, I am a 24 year old female in good health, but about a month ago I started getting these red bumps around the corner of my nose that came along with dry flaky red skin, they soon started appearing around my forehead and looked more like pimples but i can't seem to get rid of them and they are actually painful at times.  I have used syclic acid creams to dry them out but they just kind of die down then re-appear a week later in the same area...and more and more have been appearing.  I have been very fortunate in that I never had a problem with acne in my teen years but now at 24 i think it seems a little strange for something like this to errupt.  I really don't think this is just regular acne though, ive had pimples before and they usually go away and aren't all that painful.  I have also started noticing that my body is itchy all over and the painful red bumps have spread to my chest and ive started getting what almost look like spider bites on my legs (which could be the same thing, but they are just bigger on my thighs).  Also, when I get out of the shower my skin is particularly itchy and a red blotchy rash appears and then clears up after about 10 minutes.  I have absolutely no idea what this could be, so if you could provide me with any sort of guidance/answers on what to do It would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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We have to consider an allergic reaction here. For how long have you noted these? Acne usually affect the chest, back and of course the face, however, it is important to rule out other skin conditions here. I suggest that you have your linens and clothes checked. Also, if other triggers such as prolonged sun exposure, dust and certain food may be associated with this, then it is best to avoid these also.

Rosacea may also be considered especially if the rash appears red and the skin appears thick. If the rash affects the cheeks and the nose, then rosacea is a differential here.

Topical corticosteroids such as 0.05% Fluocinonide cream may be applied thinly over the affected areas for 3 days. See if this improves the skin condition.

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I have had these non stop itchy bumps all over my back and upper arms. Their like pimples, but most of them dont have anything in them. Bumps are red flaired and hurt really bad, sting, and burn if u try to pop them. Went to the doctor and treated it as sabbies but did not help. I started to go to the tanners twice a month, that made it go away but if i missed going to the tanners, the bumps came rite back and worse. Bumps are spreading on chest and a couple on neck now too. Please does anyone knw what this is? My husband and kids dont have this problem or any that i knw.
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