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Acne on thigh


Acne start to appear on both of my upper thigh during my puerperium period. It is reddish color ,some of it seems 'float' on the surface of my skin make my skin uneven.This problem make me annoy for 8mths till now. So please let me know the common cause,prevention and way to cure it . TQ !

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Although acne can also occur anywhere on the skin, this is most likely a case of folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicles in the area due to friction or due to shaving or any other cause which could be causing tiny nicks/cuts on the skin.

This is commonly caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. The lesions appear like pimples, small white or yellow pus-filled lesion (pustule) on a red, inflamed follicle. The most likely starting points are the scalp, thighs, legs, and buttocks.

You can treat it with antiseptic washes combined with topical antibiotics like Bactroban(Mupirocin). You can apply the ointment on the bumps, thrice a day for a week. You could also apply warm compresses to hasten the resolution.
Benzoyl peroxide ointment can also be tried, which is used to treat acne lesions.
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I don't shave in the area. I have the same thing mostly on outside of thighs and tiny on outside of arms. (My baby is 7 mos old. I am still nursing.)  I say the dermatologist and she was no help. "don't scrub, b/c it could make it drier," Don't pick," like I did, "because you make it worse." I think it is hormonal, paired with sensitive skin and have been told it will go away. My sister had it during puberty, they were called "sugar bumps," implying that you get them from eating too much sugar, which is unproven one way or the other to me. Could it be from scratching my legs? I don't shave there. Also my arms are not as bad, because I don't mess with it there, but it is still there. Does it sound like a staph infection? Which kind of Dr. to I go to? gen. pract. or gyn? I would like some blood work, cholesterol, .... and hormone levels, AND would love to get it all done at one stop.
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some good treatment to thigh acne

however, if anyone else is suffering from thigh acne, I really recommend going to http://www.thighacne.com for really good information.

I have experienced ltos of acne in the genital area and fixed them with tea tree oil + laser
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