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What products can I buy to treat my sons acne and would he just need a cream or cleanser as well. He was prescribed Erythromycin by his GP but this hasnt helped.
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My son used proactiv and it did help a lot.  He also changed his diet.  He is limiting his dairy and carbs which have helped a lot.  Also it might seem funny but he also puts apple cider vinegar on his face but use only the Braggs brand which says withthe Mother.  
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Forgot to mention my son also uses probiotics.  You can go to any health food store and ask them what is the best one to use.  Diet plays a major role in acne.  I know,  my son used everything on the market and tried just about all th e prescription meds and so far the only things that have helped him is everythng I have told you. Hope this helps.  
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I was on something similar and it did nothing. My dermatologist recommended oxygen facial peels, ten treatments every two weeks and my face totally cleared up. As well I used a vitamin C cream, clindasol, and a moisturizer during the treatments. Now I use a clarisonic and fresh soy cleanser with the clindasol.

I definitely recommend trying to get an Rx for clindasol. I used proactiv
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and it helped, but after a while my skin got used to it and my skin got worse. Exfoliating and moisturizing are key!
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I do agree that your skin does get used to proactiv as with anything else you use, but my son had the worst acne possible and the best thing to do is to change your diet.  This is crucial.  Use a good probiotic is essential too.  My son also uses colliadial silver soap.  But I did like your ideas of the clansonic.  I am not fond of many of the prescription medications because of the side effects.  My son uses limited proactiv, mostly he has changed  his diet.  Also the apple cider vinegar does help.  You can apply directly to the skin.  
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Go to your local health food store and ask them for any ideas.  I do agree with dressyone on their ideas.  Remember what we put in our gut affects our skin.  Aslo I have heard that the apple cider vinger does help.  If you can try to stay away from many of the acne medications because a lot of th em cause side effects later on if taken too long.  
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