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Adverse Effects from Cortisone Shots in Face

I recently went to a dermatologist because i was breaking out after going off the pill. I met with him twice and each time he injected my face with cortisone saying that it would simply make the pimples go away faster. About a month later, my face cleared up, but I had indents and darker skin in the places where he gave me the shots. I spoke with him and he said that I had to wait 6 months to a year for the indents to go away. He said that the cortisone kills the collagen in the face. Is that correct? Does that occur with all cortisone shots in the face or did I have some sort of allergic reaction?

This was four months ago and I see no change. Since he placed three shots right next to each other in a spot in my right cheek right above my laugh line, the indentation is extremely noticable. I am considering getting a collagen injection to fill in my cheek in that area. Could a collagen injecton inhibit my face from filling in on it's own and fixing itself?

What do you suggest?

Would RetinA help decrease the time it is taking for my face to fill in?

Jeanee Layman
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Your best bet is to wait, since atrophy (skin thinning, which is what's happened) is temporary, though it can indeed take months.  This is not an allergy, just the effect of cortisone on the skin.  Obviously, it doesn't always happen--injection of acne cysts with cortisone is a common procedure.  But the dimpling comes back by itself.  No need to use collagen, I think, and topicals like Retin-A don't add much, if anything.


Dr. Rockoff
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