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Advice needed: Itchy anus and abrasions.

I'm a 29yo gay male who bottoms often and have been having ongoing anal itching for the past few months. I've had to deal with hemorrhoids and an anal fissure but at this point, I've noticed abrasions around my anus that are causing me an intense amount of itching and won't seem to heal.

To me, they don't look like herpes but without testing, one can't be sure. I've had a cold sore once on my lip and was prescribed valtrex. I used it again two months ago thinking my abrasions might be herpes but it didn't help. Due to to throat infection last month, I also was on a decent amount of antibiotics which didn't do much for my butt either.

I've tried desitin, vasoline, sitz baths, preparation H suppositories, hydrocortisone suppositories and none of it seems to help heal the area. I've had to back off of sex because it's painful but I don't know what else to do. Has anyone had similar problems with similar symptoms (pic links below)?

I could really use some advice. I've been to the doctors (hence some of the prescription remedies I've tried) but they don't seem to be able to figure it out... Could it be a fungal infection or bacterial infection that wasn't taken care of with the antibiotics?

Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

Tried to snap some photos. NSFW obviously (unless you're a doctor):

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password to photos is: advice

had to make private otherwise they were getting removed
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