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Age 80 with itchy skin:

Mainly face/ neck...cannot stop scratching!
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Hi Is your skin dry?  That can lead to itchiness.  Also, do you have eczema or anything like that?  Contact dermatitis?  Is there any type of rash? I would suggest you see your doctor.  A good physical may be in order.  There are times that skin itchiness is due to underlying things like diabetes or liver issues.  Usually when itching is strictly on face and neck, it is from immflamation.  When is the last time you saw your doctor?
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Yesterday!  Am not getting the answers I want;  I have tried many lotions, etc. unsuccessfully.  I have no health issues..  This is a new happening for me (unhappily!)
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Itchy skin usually implies a few things:

1. Dirty skin
2. Some form of dermatitis
3. Insect bite
4. Fungal infection
5. Parasitic infection
6. Impaired immunity

Take a thorough shower with gentle moisturizing soap, dress in clean, dry clothing and go see a licensed doctor.
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