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Anal Itching, Tiny Blisters on Finger Tips

I have been experiencing anal itching for about 5-6 months now.  The itching is right around the outer sphincter and radiates out about 2 inches.  I am also experiencing a clear liquid that smells quite similar to that of a yeast infection. My wife has now had symptoms for about a month as well.  The only real diet similarities we have in common are coffee, yogurt (Dannon: Activa and Danactive drinks) and we both enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches. Other than that, we have completely different diets, yet separately our diets contain a great deal of yeast. We are both under the assumption that yeast could be the culprit, and we are mentally preparing for a yeast free diet to see if this makes a difference.  I am also experiencing small blisters that ooze a yellowish-clear liquid on the tips of my fingers.  It started on my index finger about 4 months ago and after applying peroxide it dried out, flaked up and went away about 3 days later. However, about 2 months later it came back, affecting 2 other fingers. It is back again and itching more than ever.  Currently, my fingers are in the healing stage, so they are cracked and sore. Please let me know if anyone else is being affected by this as well.  Other things going on that with me: I have had lipomas for about 13 years and I have approximately 25 of them on my body. I have several skin tabs, warts, and moles scattered across my body as well. There is also a lack of pigmentation on the back of my neck that started out about the size of a quarter when I was as young as 7 and now at 36 has spread to the width of a softball. I am not claiming that any of the above things have anything to do with the anal itching, I am just throwing more information out there about what is going on with me. Perhaps we can come up with some correlations in diet/lifestyle ect.  and get a bit closer to finding a cure/some relief for this.

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Anal itching is also called pruritis ani.Causes of itchy anal rash include moisture(due to sweating or frequent washing), the abrasion caused by clothing,the pressure of sitting,chemical irritants like laundry soaps, colognes and scented toilet paper,certain food irritants,medicines like some antibiotics and laxatives,infections like STD’s and pinworms,anal abrasions and fissures and skin problems such as psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema. Sometimes hemorrhoids will start off as red rash and anal itching.

pls get an examination done by a surgeon to confirm the diagnosis.Till that time,try an over-the-counter (OTC) cream or ointment containing hydrocortisone (Cortaid, Preparation H),but it is to be applied sparingly to the affected area. A protective ointment that contains zinc oxide (Desitin, Balmex) also may help. If your symptoms are worse at night, pls take an antihistamine like benadryl to reduce itching until topical treatments take effect.

The bumps on your fingers can be warts,dyshidrotic eczema,herpetic whitlow or myxoid cyst. Without examination confirmation of a diagnosis is tough,so pls consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep us posted if you have any additional queries

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If you want to know how to cure this anal itch problem please email me on will (at) willusher (dot) com.
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Have you received a diagnosis on this? I have the exact same symptoms including also what appears to be a yeast rash on my feet. I can only imagine that the rash on feet is somehow related to the itchy anus and sores on fingertips.
Have you some relief with a yeast free diet?
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Pemphigus is a rare group of blistering autoimmune diseases that affect the skin and mucous membranes.[1]

In pemphigus, autoantibodies form against desmoglein. Desmoglein forms the "glue" that attaches adjacent epidermal cells via attachment points called desmosomes. When autoantibodies attack desmogleins, the cells become separated from each other and the epidermis becomes "unglued", a phenomenon called acantholysis. This causes blisters that slough off and turn into sores. In some cases, these blisters can cover a significant area of the skin.[2]
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Could you please tell me if you have found a solution to your issues? I have a dear family member who is struggling with every symptom your noted. Doctor visits have brought more confusion and no answers. Thanks!
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