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Anal Rash

Looking for advice! I am currently suffering from a rash or fungal infection around my anus and it's making me miserable. It's smooth, red and really itchy! It has also a couple of times split the skin at the top of my buttocks, which stings!(A quick note, I do suffer from psoriasis, on my penis and a tiny patch on my elbow but it's small and pretty manageable and from what I can see doesn't look much like what patches I already have.) Anyway! I came back from a great holiday, which was hot and it started about two days after being home and gradually got worse. I visited the doctor after about a week, he had a look and gave me Canesten HC to use after saying he thinks it looks like 'sweat rash'. So I used the cream for about 6 days (Maximum is 7 days usage as it has steroid in it) and it was basically gone. Two days later, it came straight back! I bought myself the standard Canesten cream and have been using it for about 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be doing much at all. I went back to the doctors yesterday and told him how it's making me feel and that it isn't going away. He didn't bother to look at it, despite me asking and literally told me to continue using the HC cream and if it is psoriasis... Come back and see him! Which is stupid, as I don't actually know what the rash is?! I am hugely hoping it isn't psoriasis but on the first visit he told me he didn't believe it was. Does anyone know what else I could try, because this is really getting me down. As for sweat rash, it doesn't really sound much like what I have at all. Any advice would be truly amazing.:(
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