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Anal skin tag or wart?

Hello guys so a about a 1 1/2 ago I had anal sex with my boyfriend. He has never had any type of warts or anything in his penis.  Nothing. I do know we didn't use enough lube and it hurt. The next day I was expediting itching and pain. I looked with a mirror and I had a tear in my anus. It hurt for a while but since then I've been sick with the flu so I expeiecined constipation and diarrhea because I was also taking some other antibiotics. Fast forward to that I've had the itching since then and just about three days ago I noticed a small growth near the entrance of my anus along with other purple spots. I panicked and went to planned parenthood to get it checked. NP said, yep that's a wart! So I cried and I cried and I asked for information about them, she was cold and mean and just wanted to get me out of there. Didn't advise me on how to remove it or what to do with it.  Nothing. I felt helpless and alone. I called my bf and he assured me he doesn't sleep around and we are engaged and he would never do that to me. Now I'm waiting to see my regular doctor and I'm scared I now have genital warts. Please help. I have posted a picture (I know it's gross and all) but I'm desperate so someone help me identify this ..


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