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Angular Cheilitis Cure

I recently found out that I had Angular Cheilitis and it's come back for the second time now. It is very very annoying and painful. The corners of my mouth have lesions and if I try to open my mouth too much the pain is excruciating, my lips are also severely chapped and can only be hidden for an hour or so by lip balm, and the chapping begins again. It seems that not only my lips but the area surrounding my lips are also peeling. I just want to know if there's a good cure out there, I've tried all the usual stuff and I've stumbled on a the Angular Cheilitis Foundation that guarantees some sort of miracle home remedy but charges an incredibly 67$ for it, which is pretty insanely high for a "foundation". I just want to know if there's any other way out of this horrible condition.
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Angular cheilitis do have a lot of causes. It may be due to constantly licking the lips, nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B12 and iron, as well as it may be an infection caused by yeast or bacteria. Poor oral hygiene and the use of dentures may also lead to cheilitis.

The cause of this cheilitis have to be ascertained. If a fungal infection is causing this then topical antifungal gels may be used on the area. A KOH evaluation of the scales may be able to determine if a fungal infection is present. Also, a bacterial infection may be likely if the cheilitis has been present for quite some time. Oral antibiotics may help.

Drink plenty of water. Use a mild cleanser to wash the face. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

Are you currently on a diet?

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I'm not on any sort of planned diet, but I have been under some stress, although not too severe. The thing sort of just popped out of nowhere, I don't lick my lips ever because I know better. I've tried using a facial cleanser and I drink plenty of water as it is. I haven't been eating too many fruits and vegetables though (Although my parents said that lack of both was causing it and they are currently forcing me to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible)
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Hi Vannessa, It looks like I have the bacterial version of the Cheilitis as I have been struggling with it for over a Month.  It came on out of no where. I have recently started to work out (lifting weights) and I have been taking some protein supplements and Creatine to gain weight. Not sure if this has anything to do with it (I have stopped using it and have stopped working out till this is resolved) . In any case, is there some kind of home remedy that can be applied? Or is there any kind of over the counter medication available....budget is a concern lately.

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Hi Vannessa, I forgot to add that the same time I got a break out on my forehead and on my thumb underneath my nails. The break out on the forehead is small scaly bumps that become dry, there is no real liquid coming out like the Cheilitis, well maybe just tiny bits now and then, but it still hasn't gone away. I have tried some anti fungal cream like the mycota for  athlete's feetwith zinc Undecenoate  athlete's feet and 1% Clottmazole Topical Cream to no affect. looks bacterial again. I am wondering if there are any home remedies or simple over the counter meds that you might recommend.....currently I am soaking both the thumb and forehead with Sea Salt..


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Heres a proven way to remove the angular cheilitis
Since the AC is caused by bacteria, you must remove all the bacteria out of the cuts. By this you first
1. disinfect your hands by washing it
2. Get concentrated liquid dish soap
3. Turn on your sink and rub the water gently inside the cuts
4. use a dab of dish soap and rub it in your cuts. it may stink but you know its working
5. wash out the soap and do it all over again.
6.After washing the cuts twice, use vasline and rub it all over mouth/lips up to your nose all the way down to your chin.
7. Two hours later, wash the vasline off using the method you just learned with the dish soap.
8. You could even rub a little Hydrocortisone 1% on the scars to help.
9. Do this as much as you can, and when going to bed rub neosporin on the cuts. In the morning, the AC will be on its way of healing!

Results take less then one night. Just because the cuts are healed, dont stop doing this method. The cuts can ripp open. Use this method for 2-3 weeks for proven results.

Oh and this is the method that cots 60$ :D
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The Angular Cheilitis Foundation is a hoax. No "foundation" would ever operate on a for-profit basis. People, if you are suffering from angular cheilitis or perleche, please go see your doctor or dermatologist.
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