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Answer to hives

I suffered for two years with hives for no reason.  I went to allergy doctors, dermatologist, etc.  Finally my gynecologist asked do you want the hives to go away.  She said get five accupuncture treatments and it should start going away.  I thought she was nuts, but I tried it.  After my third visit my hives were about 75% better.  I just went two months without getting hives at all.  So for anyone who is suffering and having to take antihistimines, there is a better way.  I know it sounds crazy, but it worked.  The accupuncturist said they believe that hives are caused from excessive heat in your body.  Accunpuncture helps to rid the body of toxins and heat.  It is definitely worth a try if you are suffering.  I no longer have to take prescriptions that made me sleepy.

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Thanks for a great suggestion....accupuncture can't hurt & is worth a try for allergies!
I believe my reaction comes on after heat exposure also,,,,,
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Hives is phenomena that happens when the environment suddenly becomes toxic to the person or the person goes through an unnatural level of stress within minutes. Depending on the stress levels, after the stress has subsided the body reacts with Hives. Hives is a sign of low immunity within the body and the person themselves needs to live a different life away from tension and fear. There is an inherent gripping fear of some kind and Hives is physical reaction to it. One having created a safe environment, the person must learn to deal with their form of stress in a different way and learn to stay grounded. Bearberry or Urva Ursi, a Native American Herb, is poisonous but when burnt on a piece of coal can immediately help break the tension. It is also known to break fears that the person is going through by burning it around the aura of the person like a cleanse. - From someone who has Hives and has understood how to keep it at bay!
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