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Anyone have moles fail ABCD'S of skin cancer and it be benign?

I was told as a little girl that the doctor would be incredibly suprised if I DIDN'T get skin cancer later on.  I am now 22 and going through my 2nd round of treatment for thyroid cancer.  I also have two moles on my left thigh that I think are suspicious.  One fails all 4 letters (ABCD) of skin cancer and the other fails ABC, but it still on the smaller side.  The new variations of color concern me and it seems to be growing also.  I also have one that is different from any of the other ones I have...it is on my right inner thigh...it is just funny looking...white raised "skin tag" looking mole.  Then there's the one on my stomach that scabs and bleeds regularly.  There's two on my neck that are quite large, but I can't see them really well.

Anyhow, especially about the first two...should I be concerned?  I am going to the dermatologist soon...I will call tomorrow.  Anyone fail ABCD's and it not be cancer?

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I think you should mainly worry about the one that is growing and itching.  I went in with several mole concerns and they are removing most of those b/c they suspect melanoma as well as a few others that I'd not thought about.  Most of them, actually, I think all of them...are relatively (in the past year at best) new and growing, changing colors, or itching.  My first set was removed yesterday...then in two weeks...two weeks...two weeks...until they start coming back clean.
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i'm 23yrs old, over the years i'm come to know that my skin is extremely sensitive to sunlight, for example when i was younger i spent a day on the beach and i had sunburn so bad that i got lots of tiny water bumps on my entire back.
My main concern however is now at 23 i'm discovered that i have 2 moles that have developed on my back , one is a flat mole whiich i've had since i was younger  the other has developed with a 2 yrs span and it itches and is growing. I've been meaning to visit the doctor soon.
Should i be worried about this considering the fact that i have such sensitive skin?
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working in dermatology i have seen many patients come in with these signs and be okay, but i have seen even more have what is called a dysplastic nevi.  they have a higher risk of eventually turning into melanoma.

raised moles are typically not as bad as flat ones that fail the abcd's.

and the scaly one that bleeds could be a seborrheic keratosis(basically people barnacles and harmless) or actinic keratosis(precursor to squamous cell carcinoma)

it should be looked at by your dermatologist.
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