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Are the skin products I’m using effective?

I have a scar tissue spot on the top of my head. It’s not raised, just a little rougher and darker than the surrounding skin. I went to two Dermatologists they both sent me home with: Clobetasol topical (.05%), that stuff basically softened my skin so I stoped using it. The second product is, Fluocinonide (.05%). I used these products for over a year and they didn’t help lighten or heal the area. I would like to know if the product I am using Know is any good, it’s called Obagi “nu-derm” (hydroquinone usp 40mg/gm). If anybody has any other suggestions I would appreciate it!
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It sounds like you are trying to get the scar to go away, is that correct?  Scars can be a bit tricky- some of them heal with products used- some, no matter what you do they are there to stay.  Others, may take some amount of years but they will fade all on their own and using a product doesn't always help- just time.  In other words, it's going to be very hard to say if this product will help the scar heal for you.  Vitamin E oil is known to help fade scars (in general), so that is a gentle alternative to use.  Chances are, most people don't even notice the scar, and if they do- it's just a unique part of you.  Scars don't make or break who you are or even the beauty you have- so of course it's ok to try to get it to fade, but it's also good to understand it might be there to stay and work on accepting that.  Good luck, I know these things can be hard to look past and not be self conscious about!  
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