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Area on penis is discolored and tender.

Okay. This all started in January when I got a UTI. They gave me medicine to treat the UTI but after finishing the course it still didn't go away so I waited a little bit longer to see what would happen. Nothing. The doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. Later that month I got a tonsil infection (something that happens frequently to me) and I went to a different doctor to get antibiotics for it. I mentioned the ongoing UTI to her and she prescribed me Amoxicillin with Potassium. She said it should kill two birds with one stone. A few days after being on antibiotics a weird rash appeared on my penis and after a day it turned into a sore.

I freaked the **** out and immediately went to urgent care. After examining this sore the doctor said it was most likely herpes, they did a swab test and gave me pills and a shot for other STIs just in case. The swab test (and a very comprehensive test for every other STI) came back as negative. A couple of weeks later I went back and did a blood test for herpes, also negative. The sore eventually healed and my UTI eventually cleared up after a month and a half of having it. The spot where the sore healed become a little darker than the skin around it so I always knew where it was.

In the beginning of May I feel another tonsil infection coming and I still had some amoxicillin with potassium so I took one. A day later I noticed the spot where I had the sore became a little redder. I got worried again and started playing attention to the spot.

Eventually it became kinda dry and I rubbed the spot and it flaked up. The skin under the flake looked very normal and everything was alright again.

Fast forward to few days ago. I got strep throat and they prescribed amoxicillin to me. A day after taking the meds I noticed that the spot on my penis became a lot more discolored than usual and tender to the touch. I thought it was just in my head but this morning I woke up and it seems to have gotten worst?

Not sure what's going on. At first I thought the original sore was from chaffing from masturbating frequently without lube but now I'm thinking it has something to do with taking amoxicillin? I never had these issues in the past though. I'm on PrEP and I get tested every 3 months for STIs and HIV so I'm kinda sure it's not a STI. Anyone else had similar issues? I just scheduled an appointment to see my doctor so he can recommend me to a Urologist or Dermatologist
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Sorry for the late reply on this, did you get into your doctor?  It could be a reaction to the medication, but that doesn't sound like a typical one.  The timing could just be coincidence.  Your best bet is to have it looked at by a doctor, let us know how your appointment goes!
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