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Baby get petechia when he cries

My son now going on 15 months was born 8 weeks early.  He has progress beautifully.  He is at 75% on height, weight, on head size.  He is beyond 15 months with is development.  

A month ago I notice a little brown patch on either side of his temples and thought it to be strange.  I felt them to see if the were bumpy but they were smooth.  Chaulked it up to be just skin discolorzation maybe birth marks.  Well today he cried terribly hard and afterwards went to sleep.  Later on I notice little tiny red dots around the brown patches and within them, they were running down both side of his face,in front of his ears and behind his ears and a little ways down his neck then towards the back of his neck around the hairline, also around his temples towards his eyes but stops just before.  They do fade away a bit after awhile but becomes more pronounce when he cries.  

My husbands thinks this is normal-Is it normal for babies to get petechia from crying?   I know you can't dx him but I am wondering   as to what could be causing it.
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Crying increases pressure in the blood vessels above the neck.  It's called the Valsalva effect, and occurs after straining at stool too.  This sometimes breaks small blood vessels and leaves petechiae, or blood spots.  Check with your pediatrician, but that's all it sounds like.  Vigorous little fellow, isn't he?

Best, and congratulations.

Dr. Rockoff
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I just wanted to add that now all those tiny red dots are turning the same brownish color as the ones on his temples.
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