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Balanitis issue


Iam 36 yrs of age. Around 8 yrs back, while sleeping just out of excitement, I thursted(rubbed) my glans penis agains bed without the clothes on.Next day I got trerrible itching (no bleeding) and rush to doctor and he prescribed me antiobiotics etc and I was ok in 7-10 days.

Subesquently whenever I used to masturbate softly(using shaft only), I used to get irritaion/itching within the next day/two and i need to go to doctor. The symptoms were glans becoming black or sometimes glans skin appears to be cracked.The  doctors prescribe be antibiotic/antifungal(oral and/or topical with steriod) and i was ok within a few days. So this has been going on for last 8 yrs or so.

I do masturabte only once in a month or once in two months but whenever I do , i get the same itching/irritaion etc  and the glans become a bit black etc and I generally self medicate based on previous medications(Doxycycline 100mg and flucanalzole-150g and ebastine or dezloriod ,all three once a day) and I have been sucessful on few occasions.For self medication I avoid steriod creams until and unless the doctor precribe it.

Last week after masturbation even after using vaseline,I get the same thing and I took Doxycycline 100mg and flucanalzole-150g and ebastine 10mg once a day for three days and I also applied candid B cream( 1% clotrimazole and .025% beclomethasone dipropionate) and I stopped but since 4th day, Iam getting pain somewhere inside of my glans and sometimes burning  and i can see the sulcus(the natural raised area where the glans start after the shaft ends ) is a bit purpul and appears to be bit swollen. My questions are:-

1)Is this the side effect of medicines/candid B Cream (the pain from glans etc as said above  in last para)

2) How can I prevent the itching/irritation/infection which is happening for last 8 yrs. It has become traumatic for me.If I do not masturbate nothing happens.doctors only say it is balanitis .My foreskin is ok and easily retractable.But yes my glans skin has vertical burrows or scars you can say developed after the incident 8 yrs back. No probelms while urinating.I wash  the area daily too and dry it up but still no help.

3) Iam sure after my marriage, this  will be an issue after sex.

Pls help.

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