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Bald Spots in Beard

Hi and thank you for your help.

About 3 years ago, I had a bald spot in my beard the size of a two piece coin or so.  It slowly increased in size over time and finally grew back in about 12 months.  2 or 3 years passed with no  signs but about two months ago or so I noticed another spot forming and has now grown to the size of a dime or so.  I've also develped another 5 to 6 spots and it seems that there are other smaller ones as well.  I saw a dermetologist and he said to just save closely for now and did not recommend treatment.  I guess my question is: is it normal for this to reccur?  Why is there more spots than last time?  Why is it only in my beard?  Will it just keep getting worse?  Will it keep reappering in my beard?  Should I use creams to avoid spots getting bigger?  I'm currently eating as best as I can with regular vitamin supplements to stay as healthy as possible.  I've read that this condition is Alopecia Barbae (limited only to the beard)  I know I've read that you dont believe it's stress but it seems that I've gotten this after periods of stress or anxiety?  I'm trying to relax as I think if I stress over it, it may get worse.  Any information you could offer me would be much appreciated.  I'm worried it will spread to other areas.

Thank you.
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You are correct: this is alopecia areata.  ("Barbae" just means "of the beard.")  It is typical for this condition to recur once in a while in a small patch that then grows back.  It is not usually associated with other diseases or with stress.  Also, it does not usually appear elsewhere, if the overall pattern is to recur on the beard.  There is no way to prevent recurrences, but I agree with your dermatologist's approach of close shaving and waiting.  

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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I had the same issue a few years back.  Most of the bald spots were in my beard line although I had one in the back of my head which was discovered after a haircut.  I went to a dermatologist and was given steriod injections to the spots.  A short time after, the spots filled in.  Maybe give that a shot.  I had mono prior to the spots and have always wondered if my immune system might have killed the hair folicles.  Anyway, good luck and hope this helps.
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I noticed after shaving one day, a few bald spots in my moustache.  Is this a medical condition or did I shave too closely taking skin and the roots of my moustache hair strands with it?

What could be this be a result of? And what do I do in order to treat it?

Please let me know.

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Hello my name is Bob,
About a month ago i realized i had a bald spot in my beard about 2 inches in diameter. Then just today while cutting my hair, my wife found a bald spot about the size of a quarter in the back of my head. I am wondering if these bald spots are due to an trumatic incident I was involved in a year ago. ( A pitbull bit off a potrion of my lip and face, which is not the side with the bladness). I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome and I am wondering if this baldness could be related with it at all.

                     Tnanks for your help,
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I am no doctor but am 99 percent sure you have alopecia areta.  i was diagnosed with this a few years back.  I went in for a haircut and the girl asked if i had a scar.  she showed me in the mirror that i had a round bald spot in the back of my head.  shortly after,i lost a few spots in my beard line.  do a search for this on google and it should give you a better idea whats going on.  it's actually very common and more of a cosmetic issue than anything.  i had steroid injections to speed up the return of dark colored hair.  usually it starts with thin white hairs.  mine has happened a few times in the past few years and always seems to be in jan/feb.
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