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Best Hair Removal Method with Flat Warts

I am currently dealing with flat warts located on my hands and arms, and now my legs! Part of the problem is that they are SO small - sometimes I won't see them unless I shower, and the skin plumps up.

The derm has been freezing them, but @ my last visit the doc said it was normal to have bumps on your skin and for me to just come back as needed, even though she admitted that the ones I had were the smallest she'd ever seen!

I've tried

Tea Tree Oil
Lemon Myrtle Oil
Home Freezing Kits
Gel Kits
Wart Stick
Apple Cider Vinegar
Wart remover pads
Vitamin A Cream
Daily multivitamin with skin booster

By now I am completely terrified to shave.  I DON'T scratch any itch by fear it might spread.  And based on my last visit to the derm, where I felt dismissed, I went home and took a photo of my legs with the warts visible (they look like goosebumps - but not all over, in scattered areas), and am considering seeing another doc.

I'm currently going through 2 yrs of Laser Hair Removal, and about halfway through - I started before I knew I had flat warts, knowing that my skin is very sensitive, and thinking this would be a practical way to end the shaving/irritation/infection issue.  But now with flat warts, what do I do?  Should I stop shaving completely?  Please note I've only been using an electric razor, shaving carefully only 1x/month.  At this point I'm considering switching to electrolysis to finish up, although it takes FOREVER to avoid shaving altogether.

It's been about 7 months and it's just an awful blow to my self esteem, and so costly!  When I say my skin is sensitive to hair removal, not kidding.  Throughout the years I have had Foliculitis, Molluscum, Hot Tub & Heat Rashes, Razor Burn, Chronic Ingrown Hairs, and bad skin reactions (hives/rashes) to bubble bath and pennicilin.  Any advise would be very much appreciated!  
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For larger flat warts, surgery may be necessary to remove the lesions. A famous surgical option would be that of laser. Although laser surgery is expensive, it has proven to be effective. The warts are physically burned off with the laser treatment. Another alternative treatment would be cauterization. In this procedure, the affected tissue is destroyed with a hot instrument.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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I feel your pain!  I've been trying to dodge shaving while kicking the flats for 7 years! Tried it all. Got to say the BEST thing by far (working right now) is a product by Natursil that includes a topical (non-irritating - can you believe it?!) liquid you apply all over like fingernail polish - except it evaporates away.  And there is an immune system boosting pill that has made all the difference for me.  Just painting on the liquid wasn't NEARLY as effective until I started taking that pill.  In just 3 days they are all about 1/2 the size they were.  The little ones will just dry up and fall off w/o scarring.  AMAZING.

About your laser hair remvoal - do you think that was helping or hurting based on your own experience?  I know heat - like a bath too warm that can open up the pores/warts can cause a spread, so just wondering how you felt.  Also, saw where someone recommended waxing - that totally spreads them too. Today I plan to try a hair removal cream for the first time.  Best to you!
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I have been dealing with flat warts for 3 years now , I have had a very similar experience to you . I have them on my legs , I have tried every at home / over the counter treatment with no results they always come back even a daily bleach rinse to kill any virus , apple cider vinegar, duct tape , I have had them frozen a multiple times . At one point I had a bi-weekly standing appointment for cryo it seemed to really help . I as well have done Aldera cream . Tegamet , zinc and lysine OTC as an immune and skin booster recommend by a dermatologist , I had them surgically removed in office, took care of the larger ones but small ones kept popping up . I also had the HPV 3 series vaccine because I heard it can help . That has given the most dramatic effect they are no longer growing or itching . As for hair removal I have stopped shaving completely . When I was going for my laser hair removal treatments it seemed to spread them . So I have taken a break from that . I have started using Nair only when absolutely necessary , with the hair removal creams you have to rub or scrape the hair off it definitely irritates them and pop up smaller warts . Definitely frustrating . With all of the freezing and surgery I have been left with scars all over my legs and still have the tiny almost goose bump size flat warts . I am going to buy a electric razor and try laser again now that I have had my last HPV vaccine. Hope this helps answer some questions .
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