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Best approach to lightening the skin of the penis?

I have a darkened raphe line that streaks across the underside of the penis. I thoroughly dislike the way it makes it look and will take action to have it lightened.

Here is what my raphe looks like: NSFW http://imgur.com/a/MAdHh

And here is the area I want to be lightened so it blends with the surrounding skin as much as possible (or failing that, is simply lighter than the surrounding skin): NSFW http://imgur.com/a/vmMcB

This is a relatively small area to change and I'm not seeking to lighten the whole thing, which would be impractical.

Those with a knowledge of dermatology, urology or plastic surgery, what would be the best and safest way of lightening just the red raphe strip in the area highlighted above?

Research suggests the best way would be with a bleaching agent much in the same way anal/vaginal bleaching is approached. Hydroquinone appears to be too dangerous; would kojic acid be better? I've heard that a TCA peel can work. I would apply the lightening agent using a q-tip I think.

Or, what about laser and or plastic surgery? I'd be willing to pay very good money to have this resolved. Penile melanosis, a similar condition, is "successfully treated with the Q-switched ruby laser" (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8204478); could a Q-switched ruby laser target the darkened raphe line (and leave it looking as though no/little surgery has taken place there)?

In anticipation of the expected objections: I know that every man has this line and it's natural.

I know from my own experience that women don't really care about it. This is about changing something for myself, "If you're not happy with something, change it". This is causing a lot of anxiety and causing a very low libido.

Considering the sheer amount of enquiries I've seen around the web about this problem, I'm sure any help or advice about this will be received eagerly and with huge gratitude.
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I don't have knowledge in any of these areas, and don't personally recommend changing things just for appearance sake, but if it's something that you want to address, I'd recommend making an appointment with your medical provider to discuss, they can refer you to the best course of action.
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