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Biopsy Scar on Lip

Doctor, first let me thank you for your help in the past. This is my third time using this service - keep up the great work.

The topic of my request for assistance is related to a biopsy that was done on my lower lip. My dermatologist cut out using a scalpel a small area on my lower lip (the side of a pencil eraser)that he thought was a wart but wanted to make sure. The biopsy was negative and he confirmed a wart. We never discussed whether the procedure would result in a scar, which is where I need your advice.

The area where the biopsy was performed went from being a small depression in my lip to now being slightly raised above the lip's surface. The area shows as white on my red lips, as if there is a scar left. It has been 2 months since the incision.

The whiteness of the area and the slight raised nature of this makes it quite noticeable. The area's skin also seems to peel off every day or so, leaving a shiny surface on my lip.

Can you please share some of your professional expertise on the following (and thanks again in advance for your great service):

1) Does the area now represent a scar?

2) When will red lip color return to the area or will it remain white? (how long?)

3) Will it remain raised or will it level out with the surrounding skin (and how long should I expect this to take)?

4) Do I have options available to make this less noticeable or go away?

It will help to know what to expect as I am quite self conscious of this.

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If the area was cut into, then some scarring is likely.  It will, however, take several months to see how much of what you describe will be permanent, if any.  If the raised spot stayes that way, cortisone injections can flatten it.  The color may not come back totally to normal, but is likely to show less contrast over time.

My advice is to wait another six months, then show the treating doctor what's still there.

Take care, and thanks for your kind words.

Dr. Rockoff
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