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Birthmark causes chronic pain

I was born with a "birthmark" on my leg that runs along the front of my shin, onto the top of my foot to the big toe nailbed.  During various times in my life, this rash has spread and contracted.  When I was very small, it was biopsied and I was shown to med students supposed because I had some rare condition called linear something.  I guess its because it grows where my bones are.  Also while I was young, I went to various dermatologists who put me on everything and treated me with UV, creams, lotions and God knows what else to no avail.  The only thing that really made it better was when it was summer and I was outside and swimming alot.  It cracks open and bleeds, has spread to my feet, arms, back the other leg and torso.  It doesnt fit exactly eczema or psoriasis.  I also have Crohns disease and they tend to flare together.  I get psoriasis when I flare but that birthmark, the original part never goes away.  I try everything but it still gets so still and painful, especially in the winter.  Im not sure what to do, since even with the MTX I am on, its still there.  I was wondering if anyone had anything similar or knew what this thing was.  I just want to be comfortable with my skin.
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Your condition might be something called linear porokeratosis. Linear porokeratosis, which is often congenital, reflects the mosaic form of the autosomal dominant condition (Pearson et al).

Many different treatment options are available, which include the topical medications 5-fluorouracil, imiquimod, and retinoids, as well as the destructive modalities cryotherapy, CO2 laser, curettage, excision, and dermabrasion. Oral acitretin has been used to decrease the extent of the disease, however, the lesions recur upon its discontinuation (Goldman et al).

Some studies have associated this condition with proneness to skin cancer. You should have your symptoms checked out by a dermatologist to check for this.

Good luck.
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