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I have a birth mark thats on about 75% of my body. on my chest theres a red area as well as on my left arm(inward). The rest of the birthmark is lighter than my skin. The bith mark is on the top of my back the back of my arms, lower left side and all the back of my left leg. as a child my parents took me to get studies to see if anything was wrong and nothing was ever found. As i became i teen i noticed my left leg was significantly thinner than the other. a doctor had told my parents the reason for that was  the birth mark. can birthmarks have that effect or is it something else that causes my leg to not gain weight? my right leg does have celulities and so does the thin leg why?
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How would you describe your birthmarks?

Are these reddish when you were little and lately became lighter in appearance?

Hemangiomas are benign vascular conditions that may effect some cause on nraby and underlying structures. Are your birthmarks hemangiomas?
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     I have hear that word before and i believe the birthmark just might be a hemangiomas. As for the birthmark getting lighter, thats not the case. The continuation of my birthmark on the leg and part of the back and one arm have always been lighter than the birthmark part found on my left chest area and left arm. So its red on chest and arm and perhaps three tones lighter than my regulaar skin on the rest.
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