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Black scaring from cold sore

I had a cold sore breakout on the top left of my lip two years ago. a couple of weeks (?) after the core sore healed, i noticed the area turned dark, almost like black. Although I had cold sores many time before this is the first time that it left me with a black scar. Since then I have had cold sores every few months in the same area. the dark scar has never improved. I tried using Vitamin E cream as suggested by a healthfood store however it didn't seem to help. Is there anyway that can get rid of this black scaring? Would laser treatment work for this type of depigmentation(?)?

Anxiously await your answer.
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To treat this scarring from cold sores on lips,keep on applying the vit E cream.Also use lip balm medications containing zinc oxide and sun screen lip balms before going out in sun.

If the symptoms persist then laser treatment can be used.Pls consult a dermatologist for that.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.

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Thank you so much for the comments. I will let you know how I progress in three months time. Regards.

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my cold sore breaks out every wk and makes the scarring worse at the corner of my mouth-both sides.Let me know what will be the proper treatment for this?
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hi can you get cold sore form a heal scare
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hi can you get cold sore form a heal scare
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I was looking for a remedy for a similar type of issue with my 5 year old and just fell under your question. can you tell me if the vitamin E cream has helped you in the long run and if the dark skin in and around the corner of the lips has disappeared ? My son last July got thèse cold sores for the first time on his lips right after a conjunctivitis and healed from it but just few weeks later we had to travel to India and it turned more darker and visible...as if He was having a moustache ...guess that list the hot weather that have accelerated the darkness...again later in september He got it for a second time follwing an éye infection (conjunctivitis) and cold sore but this time it wasnt severe as we applied some precautionary ointments on his lips....yet the dark colour after all thèse montés doesnt seem to disappear.

Kindle reply back...looking forward for your reply.
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