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Black spot on lips

Hello.I'm 15 this year and i have a black spot on my lips and chapped.I notices this problem during my youth years.I never smoking or kissing (my friends always asked me 'what happen to your lips?are you making out?").Urrgggh hate it.I'd like to bite them and drink soft drinks such Cola-cola and Pepsi.This problem makes me less confident to talk with friends or anyone. .I live at Sarawak Borneo,Kuching which has greeny places and also hard to find the real good  doctor or dermatology. What kind of disease are happen to my lips...... I wish someone know about this disease and how to cure it.........SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH....LOOK AT THE PHOTO....
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Please someone help me...
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From the symptoms the possibilities of oral melanotic macules need to be ruled out. In this the lesions vary in color from tan to brown to dark brown, and they have irregular borders and skip areas. You cannot remove them at home. Cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen and laser are the main treatment modalities. Although there are many skin creams like hydroquinone and salicylic acid, but their use needs prescription .

I suggest you to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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and also, although im sure this is completely irrelevant, if you bite your lip, say when you get nervous or your thinking deeply about something, QUIT IT! that can cause those spots as well, i used to have something that looked equivalent to what you have there in that picture and they went away after about a month of not nibblin my lip! :p Good Luck!
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