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For several years now I noticed blackheads on the middle of my penis shaft, stretching form left to right.  Most of the time I ignore them and they just seem to go away.  However, lately I notice a little more and some of them a bit larger then usual.  I remember my Urologist saying to remove them so they don't get larger.  The problem is when I try to remove them I'm not always successful and it causes my skin to get very irritated and sometimes the skin to bleed a little.  Even when I do remove them my skin gets very irritated.  Once this occurs I stop! Note, I have not used any new cleaner on my skin.

What causes blackheads on your penis?

How can I prevent blackheads (if possible)?

Should I remove them or ignore them?  If I should remove them what is the best way, i.e. hot water/cold water, tweezers, etc?

Can having blackheads on your penis lead to other skin conditions, i.e. pimples, warts, etc.

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Blackheads are cysts whose contents turn black on hitting the air.  Cysts on the penis are normal variants.  There jibs no need to remove them and trying generally causes irritation, as it appears to be doing in your case.  Get a definitive diagnostic opinion, so you can ignore them, which is what I think you really ought to do.


Fr. Rockoff
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