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Blister inside lower lip

I recently had a very small (maybe 1 mm) sized clear bump or blister inside my lower lip where it is soft tissue (not visible unless lip is pulled down).  

I was able to pop the bump/blister and it bled slightly for a little then stopped (there was no pain when I popped it or it was VERY slight that I didn't notice).  I don't think any fluid came out, but I'm not exactly sure since it was clear.  I'm thinking it's a cold sore (Herpes 1), but I did not have any of the typical symptoms.  No tingling, no pain, and no burning and it is more inside of the lips/mouth, not on the outside.  However, I do seem to have some type of a minor strep throat.  The rear part of the roof of my mouth where it is more soft and meets the uvula is red on the sides (redness might be normal?).  Also, about a couple weeks ago, I seemed to have a minor flu or cold (including the strep throat) which went away in a couple days but no blisters showed up.  This very minor strep throat seems to stay.  Hopefully the cold was just a coincidence.  

This is the FIRST time I've had any type of blister/bump form in my mouth.  Last time I had sex was about 2 months ago but did not notice anything that had formed on my lips (or inside the lips/mouth) at the time, nor at the time of previous sexual encounters.  I did kiss the girl on the lips from 2 months ago but she didn't seem to have any cold sores and the last time I performed oral sex on a girl was at least 1-1 1/2 years ago.  I've been pretty stressed out lately so I'm hoping the bump/blister is just a result of stress, and not cold sores or herpes.

Hope you can help, thanks.
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Most recurrent herpes is on the skin near the lip, not inside it.  Primary herpes affects the inside of the mouth, but is associated with fever and swollen glands.  So this doesn't sound like herpes.  If it comes again, leave it alone and show a doctor.  Clear cysts can occur in the location you describe.  One good look should settle the matter.


Dr. Rockoff
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Update on the strep throat:  The throat is feeling better but there still seems to be a VERY slight discomfort.  Might be just mental though...
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One more thing:  This was just a small bump/blisters.  I never found any sores in my mouth/inside lips.
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Wow, I had that exact same thing.  Sore through for a few days, then that lingered.  However It's been gone for about a month now and I just noticed one little perfectly clear bump inside my upper lip.  I popped it and the fluid was a little gooey but no pain or anything like that.  I did just start using Listerine for the first time every.  Could this be an allergic reaction or something?

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I recently had a clear fluid bump on the inside of my lip. A couple days later I had strep throat. That has gone away but I just got the clear bump back yesterday. Both times happened within a few hours of performing oral sex. Does that have anything to do with it? Iv given oral plenty of time between the 2 occurances without anything happening. Am I just being paranoid?
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