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Blister on my lip thats gone bad and started growing

About 2 months ago I got a red blood blister on my bottom lip, a month went by and I didnt really think too much about it and left it.....after that it was annoying me and I decided that my best option would be to pop the blister to get rid of it. I know now that this was a very bad decision!! The blister formed into a scab which bled a couple more times when I caught the scab....it looked very unsightly and my friend advised the best thing to do is put on some blistex. Since I have used the blistex the red blood blister turned white and seemed to grow and look quite puss filled. I have since decided to stop using the Blistex I am now left with what could only be described as a wart like skin tag that is raised up from my lip. It is quite hard to touch but just seems to grow every day. I have tried to stop touching it but it is very difficult as I can feel it on my lip all the time. It is not really painful, but really annoying and very embarrasing. What is happening?? What should I now do?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.....
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This red blister is found in the inner lip or outer lip?

If found  in the inner lip, this may be a mucocele. Mucoceles are not symptomatic. They are blocked portions of salivary glands. They may range from tiny blisters to large ones. If found in the outer border,  then fungal infections and herpetic infections have to be considered. I suggest that you refrain from picking on this. Do not apply any creams or lotions on the area as this will only aggravate the condition. At this point, this sounds infected. You may need oral antibiotics for this.

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Hi Vanessa...thank you for your comments, Its a blister on my outer lip, I have stopped using the blistex and Im trying not to touch the blister or aggravate it further. I visited my doctor today who advised I will have to visit the dermotoligist to have the blister surgically removed. He did advise me the official name which unfortunately I havent written down, something beginning with "G". Unfortunately I am stuck with my abnormal blister a bit longer as there is a 30 day waiting list but at least now I know what is wrong and that it can be put right again!

Thanks again for your comments....

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sounds like a cold sore and they can take a while to heal don't pick or itch ask doc for some zovorax cream.  it is for cold sores or herpes of the mouth go to dentist or doctor to confirm.
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Just avoid any hot beverages, spicy food, lipsticks and lip balm over the area. If this has fibrosed or turned into a thickened skin, then your dermatologist may decide to cauterize or freeze this. Another differential I forgot to mention is a wart. However, warts are skin colored and they have rough edges unlike mucoceles which are shiny with well outlined edges. This may be infected , so you may need antibiotics nevertheless.

Do keep us updated regarding your progress.
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Hi again Vanessa.....

Just to keep you updated, I called my doctor again this morning and asked him for the name of my abnormal blister growth on my lip. He has advised it is a Pyogenic Granuloma it is an overgroth of large numbers of tiny blood vessels. There is no obvious reason for why they come up but the doctor advises me it is most common in Children and Young adults. Mine started as very red type blister on my lip and pussed and bled regularly it has now dried up and gone quite crusty. It does not appear to be growing anymore either......... Thank god!

I will obviously have to be checked out by the dermotologist who will confirm this diagnosis and will remove it. I have been advised the usual treatmennt is to scrape them under local aneasthetic.

Kind regards :o)
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