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Blisters in nose

After a brief exposure to an herbal tissue oil that was briefly inhaled (not purposely) I developed tiny blisters inside my left nostril. The oil contains wintergreen, peppermint, cayenne pepper, ginger root, arnica, st johnswort, marigold, and olive oil. I walked into a room where this was used and it was in the air. This was in the evening and by the next afternoon I had tiny blisters in my left nostril. The blisters filled with clear fluid and several have since burst and leaving tiny open sores that are very painful.  There is one blister that has not burst yet and resembles a small blood blister. I have used a netti pot to rinse the nostril using a saline solution. I have also applied aloe vera gel with a q-tip to soothe the area. Where the blisters did burst there is now some pus in that area. Also the area in the nostril is swollen. It feels really raw, painful, and I need relief!

What are causes of blisters in the nose?
Could this exposure cause such blisters?
Are there natural treaments for nose blisters?
Are there official medical names for such blisters?
How long will they be here?
Will they clear up with time on their own?

Please provide as much information as possible!

             Susan Rohder
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The only conditions I can think of that cause blisters in the nose are impetigo (staph bacteria) or herpes (viral).  Proper diagnosis requires inspection and culture.  Because impetigo is contagious and can spread, antibiotic treatment is requires: oral antibiotics or topical ones like Bactroban (mupirocin.  Non-Rx creams like bacitracin or neosporin are less effective.  

Herpes goes away by itself, though it may return in the same place (as cold sores of the lip do.)   Doctors can't diagnose it with certainty after it goes away, however.

I therefore recommend that you see a doctor right away, so you can treat what needs to be treated, or at least find out what it is and know whether it will ever return or not.

I can't think of any realtionship with the herbs you inhaled.  They don't sound very caustic, and besides, you would have gotten blisters in the other nostril too.


Dr. Rockoff
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