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Blisters on Bottom of toddlers' feet

My 20 month old has "blisters" on the bottom of both of her feet and on her toes.  I thought they were due to ill fitting shoes (could still possibly be) due to her baby toes are positioned weirdly and we have to be careful about the shoes she wears.  Well, I decided to open one of the blisters, because I thought there was a splinter inside of it.  To my surprise, there was no fluid that leaked, but rather "folded" skin inside of the "blister".  being curious I opened another and found the same thing.  She had approxiamately 4 to 5 "blisters" of varying sizes on each foot.  Each one contained this folded skin!  Could this be eczema?  or what could this possibly be?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!
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Bullous impetigo is most likely and application of mupuocin will do.Ocassionally insect bites cause similar reaction,known as papular urticaria and some of these may be bullous.
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It can be foot blisters or impetigo. When a foot is hot and sweaty, the sock sticks to the foot. The sock and foot then rub against each other and the inside of the shoe causing blisters to appear.

Wear shoes that fit properly and keep feet as dry as possible.Wearing wet shoes, boots and socks will increase his chance of developing blisters.So change socks regularly.
And use foot powder to help keep his feet dry.If the blisters still persist then pls get it evaluated from a dermatologist/podiatrist.Impetigo has to be ruled out. It is a superficial bacterial skin infection most common among children 2 to 6 years old.Primarily caused by Staphylococcus aureus, and sometimes by Streptococcus pyogenes.Topical and oral antibiotics is the treatment of choice.
I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted on how your son is doing or if you have any additional doubts.Warm regards.

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Hello  Dr.
My grandson age 2 is being treated with penicillin for Strep throat.  His brother 1 year old has little blisters on his feet.  His mom is going to give the baby 1/2 dose of the penicillin.  Is he to young being only 1 year old?  Or do you recommend some other treatment?
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She should never ever ever give someone meds to someone else..never mind a child...also you must take penicillin for a recomended period of time to help treat an effection..so one child will not be treated properly or both won't be...
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