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Blotchy non-itch rash on inside of legs/knees

I've had this rash for awhile now, nothing seems to work with it, and undiagnosed. I see a dermatologist and had an allergic patch test done, with negative results.  I can post a picture of it. I've been taking dipentum for years (over 10) for crohn's disease which is in remission, never had a rash with it, this has come on over the last 4-5 months. I put a steroidal cream on it after showers. Sometimes it flares up and sometimes it is minimal.. I've been told to stay off all vitamins for 1 month or so and it may have to be biopsied.. It hasn't spread much.  Any ideas about this? I'm over 50.
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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum!

Yes, seeing clear pictures of lesions at flaring stage  will help.

In addition, we have several questions:

1. Does any of this lesions feels like a nodule?
2. Has any of lesions ever become opened wound?
3. Do you have any oral changes?

Thank you!

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic

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