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Bra caused Contact Dermatitis

Has anyone had any issues out of Fruit Of the Loom sports bra? Or am I the only one having issues? I went out a couple weeks ago and wore a new bra (that I had washed prior to wearing) and ended up in the hospital by the end of the night. The bra turned my shirt and me hot pink (the same color of the bra) after just a few hours of wearing it and I broke out in a horrible rash all over my chest, ribs, insides of my elbows (where they touched the sides of the bra and my breasts) as well as my hands after handling the bra. I felt sick too at that time, like I was going to faint, out of breath and sweating profusely. I looked online to find out what was in the bra that could of caused this sort of reaction and why it stained my clothes and me as well. I'm sure its all linked some how. If anyone else has had this issue let me know. I've been on medication for 2 weeks now for contact dermatitis (what the doctor called it) but its not getting much better. I'm even starting to get sores in some places on my breasts and ribs. I'm terrified that its going to cause some sort of lasting affect or even cancer. I'm freaking out.
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I am having the same issues.  Pls reach out to me.  My direct email is ***@****  

Thx!  Wendi
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