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Broke out in a hundred plus zit like bumps

Recently only one of my arm pits has broken out in what seems like hundreds of red bumps some have white centers like zits. The ones in my arm pit do not itch. The bumps travel into my torso where there are about 10 more or less, and and also my legs. Only a couple small ones on my arms. The zit like bumps on my legs can be itchy sometimes. I have always had very sensitive skin. My boyfriend and I recently have been moving and I have been under a lot of stress. I also have been sweating while working. It seems strange that only one arm pit is being effected so terribly. The small town we moved to has very harsh water compared to the large city I have lived in my whole life. We have been afraid maybe we have bed bugs or our dog has fleas. But my boyfriend doesn't have any bites, and our dog shows no signs of fleas. We also haven't seen one insect. I don't know what's going on! I haven't been sleeping very much either due to stress. Please help, this is driving me crazy!
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It could be a sweat rash.

Does the rash, weep, then crust over at all?
Have you touched anything, even accidentally, like any plants?  

You may benefit from taking an antihistamine.  Calamine lotion or calamine cream can help with the itching.

Keep well hydrated.
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This same thing is happening to me!! I have no clue what mine is either. It is exactally like you are explaining. Mine started under my armpit, closer to my ribcage/stomach area, where my bra strap would be. They are all over my back, stomach, legs and arms. Mine start with a red area of skin and then some looked like they had a head on it. After a few days they turn into brown marks, almost like a small bruise. They stay like that for about a week or two then slowly fade away. It is very strange. I have always used the same soap, lotions, etc. years before this started. Recently I changed things up and stopped using all my old products and months later the same thing is still happening. I have moved out of state, and pretty much eat all the same foods as I used to. I can't figure out what mine is.
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