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Brown maul like spot on penis head

Hello everyone

Like the title says, I have a dark brown, maul like spot on the left side of my penis head.
I first noticed it maybe 2-3 years ago, and since it is not visible from above, I may have
had it for some time before. It is round, flat, 2 mm in diameter and it hasn't changed in any
way for as long as I know of it. I never felt it in any way, no pain, no itching or anything like
that, and back then I was still a virgin. I was never worried about it because I was fairly certain
that it was harmless, but recently I have been experiencing a sort of uncomfortable feeling
in the left side of my penis shaft and some times a sting on the opening of penis hole.
(not while I'm urinating). While browsing the Internet I have come to some disturbing information
that it could be penile cancer. I have had some unprotected  sex over the past 2 years time
which led me to chlamidya , from wich I have been cured 6 months ago. I'm also uncircumsized
and 21 years of age, I smoke, rather heavely from time to time, and have a reasonable sense of hygene.
There are other sings like change in texture on my penis head but not significantly, and some veins that run across the shaft have become a lot darker in color. Now I'm very woried, I have already read many titles here but none seemed to have combination of symptoms that I have. I will see my doctor as soon as posible but i would like an opinion of anyone here who could shed some light before. Thank you.
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Oh and by the way, I was wondering is it even possible to have a maul on the penis head ?
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