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Brown skin under my underarms and belly.

My armpits are completely brown and have been for a couple of years, however in the past few months there have been brown spots that seem to be spreading from my armpits.  There are also a couple of brown spots under my breasts along my bra line.  And in the past month I have notices under my belly (i am overweight) there has been this growing patch of brown skin.  It is not spots like what is spreading from my armpits, it is just solid light brown.  It has grown from a small area and now it is starting to be on the inside of my thighs.  It looks dry and most of the time it does not itch.  The brown skin and spots under my arms never itches, however sometimes the brown skin under my belly will itch.  It is very unsightly.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.
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i have the same exact problem. i have these really big brown patches under my skin that is starting to spread and  i also have them unfer my braw line on my breasts. do you know what it is?
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im 17 and i have the same thing. i have a dark brown spot on my stomach. its spreding around my neck and its on the back of my neck i have it between my breasts and my bra line and when i get warm it itches. i go to the doctor Friday so im going to sign back onto this and let you guys know what it could be. i am overweight for my age and my ex boyfriend has it and he is overwieght for his age to. i have had biopsys done and been on many creams. i will be sure to get back to you.
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I have had the same problem for years. I keep going to the Doctor and all say the same thing(It is a yeast investion) in the boold stearm.
So, you will need to go to the doctor and get the pink pill (you take this by mouth) you this it will go away but, mine keeps coming back! Also, wash with salson blue shampoo. This will help it stay away for awhile.

        A friend
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i have the exact same problem im a female and weigh 130 it dosent seem to ich or anything i have it all on my stomach and also my bra line and my neck i get immbaress some time cuz i feel likke i have to be covered up all the time i whent to my doctor and she told me it could be a sign of diabetes....is it true thow

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Hey I have the exact same problem on my armpits. It's also under my breasts and one spot in the middle of my stomach, also on my neck. My older sister also has it and so does my friend. We're all overweight. My sister's dermatologist said it's just from being overweight and it could be a sign of onset diabetes. That's freaky. Is there a way to actually get rid of it? I dunno. I just scrub it really hard with soap in the shower and it helps dim the coloration but it continues to get darker anyway.
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Hi. I have the same problem, and just this morning I went to my dermatologist and (slightly) figured out what it is.

I'm 16 years old and and also over weight.

Last time I went with my derm she said it was some type of yeast infection, but now it's related to diabetes.

The patches of brown spots started on my bra line then traveled straight down to above my belly button. It also spread to under my underarms, it's forming on my neck, and I have a cluster on the right side of my waist. I saw some on my thighs a while ago and I have little clusters of about five spots around my back. I've also noticed a little dot near the inside of my elbow, which means it's spreading AGAIN.

I started off with a couple little spots and now they are just clusters.

After I'm done showering or if my skin is moist I can rub the patches and make some of the dead skin come off, but my skin gets really red from all the rubbing I have to do to see just a little bit of progress.

This morning my dermatologist told me that my spots, irregular mesturation, and excessive facial hair are all likned to my mom having diabetes. (Yes, I happen to have all those problems.) My mom doesnt undestand how though, since she didnt have diabetes when I was born.

I cant really recall what the name of the problem was but she did give me some things that could help.

One of them was ZNP bar, a soap bar that can reduce the sight of sebborheic dermatitis. (It also helps with dandruff since it's an all-over soap bar.)

The other prescrition was Extina Foam which also treats Seb- Der. It's light, foamy and not sticky when you apply it. I got a sample this morning and already tried it on. I just have to see what the results will be.

I'm sure it's not Sebborheic Dermatitis though, because I've seen pictures of was Seb- Der looks like and it looks much more severe than what I have.

I'm a little discouraged that they may not work because I'm sure I dont have Seb- Der, but I want to keep my hopes up.

I also got a blood test done and will be called to see if it's something worse or if I'll need to take a pill that can help with my brown clusters.

I hope this helped you and good luck to you all with finding something that can treat what we all have.
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Look up Acanthosis Nigricans. It's darkened patches of skin on the body, especially on the neck, underarms, groin, and under the breast areas. It's usually a symptom of Diabetes, insulin resistance, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS), and obesity. Hope this helps!
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I am not overweight and have brown skin, on my tummy, back, breasts and armpits, Ive been to the doctor and been prescribed creams but nothing has worked. Its so annoying and gets very itchy if I dont put cream on. Please somebody help me, Im going back to the doctor next week, she will probably prescribe me another sort of cream, Im sick of it!!
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I have the same thing.  I am overweight and was diagnosed with diabetes in Jan of 07.  Over the 3 years i have been weened off the 4 shots of insulin that I took and do not take any oral medications for diabetes anymore.  I also have these spots under my arms and the back of my neck.  i can't get rid of them and dont know what they are.  I did have them before i was diagnosed and they went away for 2 years.  They are coming back again.  My A1C is climbing and I believe that is why the spots are coming back as well.

Dr.s advice is always the same.  Drink lots of water, exercise and eat properly.  
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okay please help! ime a 16 year old male that had these described spots on my stomach  armpits and a bit  on the back of my neck , i am not overweight at all and these spots do not itch and do not come off no matter how hard i scrub, they look ugly please help
u can contact me @ ***@**** because i am desperate my father passed away and my mom makes little to no money  and we do not have insurance to go to the doctor :'(
please help anyone
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I have this too!  PLEASE HELP!

I have clusters of brown splotchy skin under my arms and it has appeared recently under my bra line and over my belly button.  This comes and goes, and even disappeared for a few months this winter completely, but now it has shown up again.  I scrub it in the shower and put lotion on it every day, but nothing seems to help.  It isn't irritated or itchy but the skin is a slightly different texture, and almost looks like dry skin, but it is a light brown color.  I am 17 and 130 pounds and consider myself to be in good shape, I don't know what this is related to but if anyone has insight it would be of great help! thanks!  After I visit the dermatologist I'll share what I've learned.

-Rochester, MN
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I am a sixteen year old girl and have exactly the same thing.
I am really worried, and I am not over weight. They are light brown dry blotches under my armpits and around my neck.

I am currently trying cream. I am just so worried :\
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