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Bug bite?

Hey I’m new this forum hope someone can help. My situation a couple months back (summer time) I was at a beach with a couple of friends I was shirtless and was really really drunk I wandered off somewhere on the beach shirtless and I think passed out on the grass or somewhere I woke up the next day with scratches and little rash and little puffy bumps, im having anxiety of what bit me and how can I tell the difference. My question is:

1) how can I tell the difference between mosquitoe bites and spider bites or tick bites?
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Some one please help :(
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Well, you probably can't now, unless you remember exactly what they look like or have pics of the bites. Are you worried about Lyme disease or something else? Do you have symptoms of anything?

Your best bet would be to address these fears with a doctor who can perform some blood tests and rule it all out.

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