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Bug bites won't heal

I have a lawn care business so I assume what I have is from a bug, a thorn, or the sun. Last year I had an itchy spot on my hand, it felt like a mosquito bite. I scratched it a little too much until it bled. I figured it would scab over and heal within a week or two. A couple months later I noticed it was still there unhealed. I reopened the wound and let the healing commence. It healed a bit better but about a year later I was intrigued by the fact that there was  still something there. I opened it again and squeezed and something the size of a grain of sand came out. It has since healed.
This year I have had a few similar bites. They start with a tiny raised or discolored area on my forearm. I don't think they itch but I scratch them, a day or two later a scab forms, a few weeks later the scab s still there and I get paranoid. I uncover the scab and there is a blood blister underneath. I start the process again and when one looks like it is about to heal, another one pops up.  
I do not take any drugs. I am aware and worried it could be skin damage from the sun but thought it could be a bug or plant as well.  Any ideas?
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go to the dermatologist and ask for a skin exam. basal cell carcinoma can sometimes look like unhealing bumps. it is very easily treated if caught earlier.

also actinic keratosis can be scaly scabby spots of sun damage with a predisposition to turn into skin cancer. also very easily treated(liquid nitrogen)

basal cell carcinoma can look like a nodule or bump, squamous cell carcinoma is typically a scaly scabby lesion. both nedd medical intervention, and if it is neither, at least you'll be able to put the worries to rest.

good luck :)
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I went to Costa Rica in November for 3 months. Since I've been back I have these bumps on my legs that wont heal. They still itch. I have about thirteen on my left leg, and 5 on my right, They are small bumps with a dark edge around them. I'm starting to freak out becuase I have been back for 5 months now and they still itch, and some have changed in size. Do you have any idea of what this could be?
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Did you ever find out what it was? My son has similar bites (about 20) on one leg that will not go away! Think we got them up in the mountains in Costa Rica. I am freaking out,too.
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Ok, I moved into my apartment here in Colorado, was given a bed, Ok, I know what your thinking, but wait. 5 years I have lived here, people have stayed here and never been bitten by anything, Bought an allergen mattress cover that is to kill the BB's or other situations, so told, washed all my linen and blankets. I have had exterminators examine area for BB's, Dr. Thought scabies, but biopsy came back inconclusive. Bites continue. Arms, legs, back. One on the stomach, Months now, one mark finally heals and get more. I AM VERY CLEAN, WASH CLOTHING, CLEAN FLOORS, VACCUUM, SPRAY BUG SPRAY AROUND MY MATTRESS, VACCUUM SOME MORE, SPRAY WINDOWS, AND STILL BITES ON BODY, EVEN MY FACE, HERE AND THERE. ANY OTHER IDEAS. I don't have health insurance yet, and know probably a derm DR is needed but in agony. Deep gaping scars are coming about. I heard toothpaste will help, Hasn't, Medicated powder, nope, perethrin (sp) for scabies. Nadah. ANY DERMATOLOGISTS WANT TO LOOK AT ME PRO BONO? :*(.
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Did you ever get that figured out?? My family and I just took a trip to costa rica and stayed in the mountains. I got what I thought were mosquito bites but it's been almost a month now and they still itch and bleed.
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I had a very similar experience, that began in the summer of 2014, and its only been recently that all of the sores have cleared up. I worked in my yard daily, which included a flower garden, in southeast Louisiana, when these bites first appeared. Same as yours, they were on my forearms, but I had multiple bites, with many more on my left arm than on my right arm. My doctor gave me a cream, which did nothing. They healed mostly thru the winter, but did not go away. Where each one was, I had a dry patch of skin and the skin around it was red and slightly swollen. I cannot be sure if the itching, that I experienced, was from the healing, or some other source, but when I would scratch, the dry skin would come off, it would bleed A lot, and a small hard chunk would come out, the bleeding would stop, and it would finally heal, but would leave a scar. During the spring of 2014, when working in my yard again, many more began to appear, along with the unhealed sores. Instead of being just on my forearms, they appeared on my chest, the area exposed from wearing low cut clothing (not as many though) and also on my legs, but only in a small area right above my knees, on both legs. I was pregnant at that time, and my blood work was always clean. I assumed they were bug bites, and were not healing because I would scratch them with dirty hands and fingernails. I became embarassed by these sores, and would go through great measures to hide them, including wearing long sleeves that were made with sheer and breathable fabric. I learned that many people assume that they are the results of illicit drug use, and from picking at my skin while under the influence of drugs, which I do not do, and I only "picked" at them after noticing they would only heal after I was able to get (whatever it was) to come out. I also noticed that the things that did come out, all had the same shape and color, but the sizes varied, and the sores would sometimes form a circle, which made me wonder if it was some form of ringworm, but it was not. I used antibacterial cream, medicated prescription cream, calamine lotion, rubbing alcohol, vaseline, and witch hazel, but nothing helped. They healed completely after I moved to the city and had been there for a couple of months, and since the end of 2015 I haven't had any more issues, but I do still have scars everywhere that a sore/bite was. I have not found a cause, only things that have similar symptoms, with chiggers being my best guess. If anyone has any suggestions, at all, please comment.
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