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Bump on breast

I have a red bump w/ a tiny black pin dot in the middle in my left breast under the areola.
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Update: I believe my bump is a spider bite.
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How are you doing now?

Spider bites can get nasty, so keep an eye on this. If it starts to feel warm to the touch, or the redness around it starts to grow, see your doctor promptly. If you get nauseous or get a fever, go to the emergency department at your local hospital.

Feel better!
Yep, Emily, as you know some people have an immune system that over reacts tremendously. That's rare, but it sometimes happens and can ruin a person's health with wide ranging symptoms that can last a very long time.
Yes, this is an excellent point. Thanks, Ken.

Also, Mardigrasgal, if you haven't had the bump confirmed as a spider bite, you should see your doctor. It could be something else, like a tick, and you'll want to react to that quickly.
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It would have been useful to know how big the bump is, and how bad the redness and other signs are. If it's small and not very badly inflamed, I wouldn't personally worry about it much - though I would remember this if any odd symptoms develop down the road.
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