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Bump on upper lip?

I had dry lips and peeled the skin off after a few days I got a very smal bump that was white pink I put Vaseline on it and it started to go away it didn’t hurt or turn any color now it’s gone so now I have a mark of where the dry skin was on the top off my lip it did come back for one day when I itiched the area but it left right after now I’m fine but I wonder what it was it didn’t turn yellow or leave a scab it just came and left. It came back today (August) it itched I didn’t put Vaseline on it I do remember having dry lips and peeling skin off before it appeared but now it’s just dry there’s no scab no color change just a dry area.
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It could be a clogged pore with some dry skin around it- it doesn't sound like a cold sore or anything of that nature.  Sometimes clogged pores can take some time to heal, they seem like they are better and can come back.  I would just keep it clean, use the Vaseline if it helped, and if it continues to bother you- see a doctor to have them take a look.   The doctor will be able to give you the most accurate diagnosis since they can take a look in person and gather more of your medical history.
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Now it’s just dry skin on it
That's good, sounds like it is healing- are you continuing the Vaseline?  
Yes, it’s just a dry area now no bumps
What could it be?
There are a lot of possibilities- it could have been a little infection, cold sore (although I don't think it was that if it never hurt), irritated skin, reaction from something- a doctor giving you an exam in person and gathering more of your personal/medical history would be able to give you a more definitive answer, but a brief online description without the exam and history won't be able to tell you for sure.  
Alright thank you and my lips are fine now the area is not dry no bumps or anything
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