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Bump under skin in pubic area


I'm 27yo white male and recently I discovered about pea-size bump in the pubic hair area which appeared overnight. Before describing this bump, I'd like to give some of my
medical history as it may or may not be helpful. About 2 years ago I was hospitalized due to heavy inflamation in both lower legs. I had all kinds of blood tests, including CBC, HIV test, also CT scan and even had a lung biopsy.
Nothing unusual was found except something in my lung. Doctors thought it might have been sarcoidosis, but no clear symptoms and signs were found and no further testing was done.
I was released from hospital week later, when swelling in my legs stopped. My diagnosis was edema and possibly sarcoidosis. I'm sure these aren't connected with my current problem, but I want to give all full information.

About 6 months ago I discovered small tender bump on/under penis (around middle area of penis), which was attached to the skin, not penis itself. It wasn't itchy or painful - only when pressure applied. When I squeezed it - white acne-type secretion came out. However, bump did not go away for couple weeks. After it was gone, there is still small brownish dot left in that place.

Recently, about 5 days ago I discovered similar bump under the skin in pubic hair area, couple inches above penis. It appeared overnight and almost did not change in size after that. This one is little bigger, about the size of pea. My first impulse was to squeeze it, which I did. Same white
acne-type secretion came out, however pain while doing that was much worse than from acne type pimples. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of fluid in it, but it is too deep under the skin to try to squeeze it fully. After leaving bump
untouched for 4 days it looks like it began to shrink slowly, but no sign of bump coming toward the skin surface.

During last 6 months I have had unprotected oral sex, unprotected vaginal intercourse and protected anal sex. I cannot be sure that all of my partners were STD free.
Right thing of course would be to go to the doctor immediately, but because I don't have medical insurance, first I'd like to try cheaper way of getting information. I couldnt find anything similar in STD pictures on the internet. Bump is too small to be hernia (as I've seen on the internet) and is inside the body, under the skin. There is no outer skin inflamation, only redness in that area (from squeezing or not). Originally it had no "head" on the outer skin, only the one I made myself by cracking skin to get white fluid out while squeezing for the first time.
Other than that I'm completely healthy, have no pain anywhere. So, my question is: what is that? It looks like simple irritation, but bump under the skin is rounded and bigger than any acne I had. Of course it is impossible to tell without seeing and touching it, but I'd like to know all possible explanations.
I'm a tobacco smoker, use alcohol very rarely (once in 1-3 months), use marijuana ocasionally.

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I think you have a cyst, which is what the bump under the penis probably was too.  My advice is to leave it alone and not squeeze it.  I expect that the body will reabsorb it.  It does not sound like an STD or part of a systemic disease.  If it persists, you'll need to see a doctor in person for definitive diagnosis.


Dr. Rockoff
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i have the same problems as he is....but its in the SAME spot
im scared pretty **** less man
please help?
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I think i'm having the same problem.  mine also appeared over ninght, but mutiple bumbs. they were not itchy but started out  painful to the touch/pressure.  they are quit larger than your normal pimples. they  only appeared  in the pubic hair  on  the skin.  i  squeezed then to release pimple like  discharge but it was  followe by blood.  my first  thought was spider bites. soon before those bumps  started  to subside, more  started appearing.    same general area but  close together.  i washed  all  my bedding  twice. could be an  irritation to new detergent so  i have already gone back to my old detergent.  but  more bump/blisters  are showing up.   they have  lasted more than 3 weeks now.  they seemed   to be  hard swollen  bumps  under the skin.  it only occur at the pubic hair.   please  help.
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