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Bumps, birthmark and questions

First off thanks for having your expertise and help available. I had unprotected sex in mid March, possibly with a high risk girl.(mistake) My girlfriend for 5 years went to the Gynecologist in end of July and was diagnosed with MC. Most likely from me since I cheated on her, totally ashamed. She also got tested for everything else which came out negative. I notice a few bumps similar to MC and I removed them. I never had another, however she had some re-populate over the next 3 months. She hasn't seen any for about a month now. We have not had intercourse since the diagnosis. A month or so after she went to the gynecologist I thought it would be best if I went to my GP to get tested for everything  My test also came back negative. However, my blood pressure was 145/90. My doctor was confused but thought it could be stress over the issue. The next weeks I examined closely and noticed a bump-like, white in color spot on the head of my penis. Not raised to much, if any. I picked at in (don't know why but I did). It got bigger, so I went back to the my doctor. He said it was a wart and tried to freeze it. It got smaller but It did not go away so he prescribed Aldara. It was back to how it looked before I picked it. I'm not sure if this was a wart to begin with. It is hard to see with a picture so It is not below.  My GP never looked anywhere beside at the one on my head. Now, I have found some more bumps that I don't know what they are or if they were there before.

PS: I also have a birthmark on my penis that I have had all my life.

This bump is about mid shaft and is hard to see unless I stretch my skin. It looks to have a hole in the middle of the raised bump. Doesn't look like any warts on the web. What is this?

Same as bump above.

Same as bump above

http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p16/mrmcin03/DSC00521.jpg  - I think I have pearly penile bumps on and around my head.. this is just to clarify. I have had this all my life, I think.

This is similar to the one on my head that my GP looked at, but even more visible.  Is this a wart or just a cyst?

I go to the doctor again at the end of the month. I just wanted to hear your thoughts. Is there any correlation in with my high blood pressure? It is still high. Can I rule out HIV because I was tested 5-6 months after exposure? Is this gential warts or not?
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Hard to tell from pictures.  The last picture looks as though it may be molluscum, though a cyst is possible.  The others look like cysts, as far as I can tell.  I wouldn't use Aldara--if it's a single lesion, you're better off just having it treated, and if it's not, then the Aldara may irritate and confuse the issue.

If there's any relationship at all with the blood pressure, most likely it's due to anxiety.

I suggest you see a dermatologist or STD specialist, rather than somone who isn't certain and freezes the spot just to be sure (and thereby makes you anxious, perhaps unnecessarily.)


Dr. Rockoff
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